Ceramic PCB

Multi- layer Thick Film Ceramic PCB

Number of Layers: 4L
Product Type: Thick Film Ceramic PCB
Base Material: 0.635 96%Al2O3
Conductor: AgPd (top layer and inner layer)
Thickness of Conductor: >=10um
Solder Mask: Greenish Glass Glaze
No silkscreen
With Printed Resistors


Double Sided DCB Ceramic PCB

Double Sided Ceramic PCB
Product Type: DBC Ceramic PCB
Base Material: 1.0mm AlN (Aluminium Nitride)
Conductor: Copper
Thickness of Conductor :0.1mm
No silkscreen
Surface finihsing ENIG


THIN Film Ceramic PCB

4 Layers Ceramic PCB
Product Type: Thin Film Ceramic PCB
Base Material: 0.635 96%Al2O3
Conductor: TiW-Cu-Ni-Au
No silkscreen


Our company is ISO 9001-(2015) certified. We designed our system to minimize the possibility of errors in the manufacturing process by:
· • Series of safeguards
· • Employee involvement
· • Sophisticated measuring equipment
· • Written procedures for every process from receiving customer orders through the packaging & shipping of our products.
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