What's surface finishing on PCB?

PCB Surface finishing is very important manufacturing process,with the development of environmental requirement,higher requirement is needed,now lead free and non-halogenation is required for more products and countries.

What's surface finishing on PCB?

Usually we manufacturing PCB as copper circuit,but copper oxidized easily,so we will do Soldermask upon copper circuit layer,but when we need welded components on PCB,we will have to make pads,how to protect the pads from oxidation and don't destroy the solderability?We can do surface finishing on PCB.

Why does we do surface finishing for PCB?

If you have saw the question "What's surface finishing on PCB?" above,this question will be easy to understand:first,we need to protect copper circuit layer from oxidation and mechanical damage,second,we need to keep the copper solderability and electrical property.

What are the common surface finishing?

For different request,we can do different surface finishing to meet customers.List the surface finishing,that Best Technology Co, Limited have the ability to do for your information.

HAL PCB:hot air leveling (HAL),that use Sn to do surface finishing,read more...

OSP PCB:Organic solderability preservative (OSP),

ENIG PCB:Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG),Immersion gold on pads,read more ...

ENEPIG PCB:electroless nickel electroless palladium immersion gold (ENEPIG),read more ...

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