FAQ About Ceramic PCB for Solving What you are worried about.

Q:What kind of material of ceramic PCB do you have?

A:Substrate material: 96%Al2O3、AlN、BeO and 99.6%Al2O3

Q:What substrate thickness do you have?

A:0.635mm is the default thickness, 1.0mm is popular too. there are still 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.76mm, 1.5mm are available

Q:What conductor do you have for ceramic PCB?

A:We have Cu(35um-300um); AgPd(10-12um); Au(2-5um); Other metal like Ti-Ni-Cu-Au etc.

Q:The working tempareture of ceramic PCB?


Q:Thermal conductivity of ceramic PCB?

A:It is 24W for 96%Al2O3. It can up to 170W for AlN.

Q:The surface finishing of ceramic PCB?

A:Nickel plating, ENIG, ENEPIG(good for wire bonding)

Our company is ISO 9001-(2015) certified. We designed our system to minimize the possibility of errors in the manufacturing process by:
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· • Employee involvement
· • Sophisticated measuring equipment
· • Written procedures for every process from receiving customer orders through the packaging & shipping of our products.
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