Flex-Rigid PCB

6 layer rigid-flex board

Basic information:
1.Construction: 6 layer rigid-flex board
2.Base material: FR4, Tg150, PI
3.Cu thickness: 1/2 oz
4.Coverlay: No coverlay
5.Surface treatment: ENIG(1u‘’)
6.Board size: 40.25mm*34.5mm
7.Stiffener: No siffener
8.Silkscreen: No silkscreen
9.Solder mask: Green

14L Rigid-flex PCB

Basic information
1.Construction: 14L Rigid-flex PCB
2.Base material: FR4&PI
3.Cu thickness: 1oz.
4.Surface treatment: ENEPIG and 10u'' gold finger
5.Impedance control: YES
6.BGA, ENEPIG, 10u’’ golden finger

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